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About Us

Who We Are

Canada Deceased List was initially created out of the need to cleanse the direct marketing industry of data belonging to the deceased. Our partner company, Canada Bereavement Registry, collects the details of deceased individuals in order to prevent direct mail being sent to the bereaved after the loss of a loved one.  We also now work with insurance companies and pension managers.  In these industries the ability to quickly identify deceased individuals is essential.  This can benefit both the bereaved and companies in many ways such as identifying benefits and faster account closure.  Our newer ObitScan list, curated by our proprietary software scanning the internet, provides a larger scale, broader list to help companies in all sectors with their deceased identification needs.

We are a specialist service.  Our entire business involves the curation of continually growing lists of information regarding the Canadian deceased.

Why What We Do
Is Important

On average, a deceased person will continue to receive 100 items of direct mail during the first twelve months following their death. With approximately 300,000 people dying annually in the Canada (based on current figures), this amounts to millions of pieces of unwanted direct mail every year.



We help to prevent grieving relatives and friends from receiving such disturbing correspondence which continually reminds them of their loss. Our service also reduces the environmental impact of the production, delivery, and waste generated by unnecessary direct mail.

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