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Canada’s specialized provider of deceased contact data 

Why Choose Us

Other suppliers source information of the deceased by scanning the obituaries in newspapers and websites. Their data is often incomplete, inaccurate, without permission and requires further cleansing. We do not use this method. Our data collection company, Canada Bereavement Registry, is a consumer service that works directly with the funeral industry, estate executors and families of the deceased.  All registrations are validated and by consent only. It is the only service of its kind in Canada and the only business directly affiliated with the Funeral Service Association of Canada and other provincial funeral service entities. As a result, our information regarding the deceased is collected right at the time of death and from reliable sources, thereby providing the highest level of immediacy and accuracy in the market.

What We Can Do
For Your Company

Improve Marketing Efficiency

by lowering direct mailing costs and increasing knowledge of your consumer base


Improve Corporate Responsibility

by keeping marketing lists accurate and up to date


Preserve Brand Integrity

by not offending the bereaved with upsetting mail/phone calls which can tarnish your brand or lose potential customers.


Improve Environmental Responsibility

by reducing the waste generated by unwanted, unnecessary and often undeliverable mail.


As you can see, we are an organization with ethics, the environment, your budget and brand integrity in mind. If you want immediate, complete and accurate data regarding the deceased in Canada, choose us.

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